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What is a Smart Lock Motor?

The smart lock motor is an indispensable part for the smart lock to work properly. Just like the human heart, the smart lock motor also plays the role of the heart in the smart lock. But do you know about this small part? Next, Shunli Motor will introduce you to the relevant knowledge of the smart lock motor.

Smart Motor Decides Smart Lock on and Off

The motor is the motor that powers the smart door lock and consumes little power. When you unlock with a password, swipe card or fingerprint, you will hear the sound of the motor turning. Like the central nervous system of the human body, the motor is a device that links electronics and machinery, a power transfer station, and plays a role in linking the previous and the next, and its importance is self-evident. If the motor is blocked, the smart lock will not be able to open and close automatically.

Smart Lock Motor

Smart Locks Require a Lot of Motors

Generally speaking, smart locks can be divided into two types according to the starting method of the motor: fully automatic smart door locks and semi-automatic smart door locks.

Semi-automatic smart door lock refers to a door lock operated by human operation + mechanical device. Its start is due to the small clutch driven by the motor, but it still needs to manually turn the handle to open the door. The fully automatic smart door lock refers to the full automation of the production process of mechanical devices and door locks. Such smart locks require a lot of motors and require a lot of torque to ensure the normal opening of the smart lock. The fully automatic smart lock is driven by a motor. The operation is completely unaffected by external forces.

Motor Quality Affects the User Experience of Smart Locks

The motor is installed in the lock cylinder. When the user uses the smart door lock or when it is in standby, the smart lock is in a state of power consumption. The quality of the motor determines the usage time of the smart lock. The service life and response speed of the motor are also very important. In addition, the stability of the motor, the error rate, etc. also have a great impact on the user's use.

The Installation Position of the Motor Ensures the Safety of the Smart Lock

As an important part of the smart lock, the motor should be installed in a place that is difficult for people to access, so as to protect the motor from damage. The standard smart lock adopts an electronic lock body. The motor is installed inside the lock body, and the lock body is installed in the door. After several layers of protection, the safety of the motor is ensured. However, in order to reduce the production cost of some smart locks, the motor is installed on the front panel of the lock, so that the circuit controlling the rotation of the motor is exposed on the front panel, and the safety of the smart lock is naturally not guaranteed.

The above is the relevant introduction of what a smart lock motor is. A good smart lock motor can make the smart lock last longer. I hope it will help you in the purchase of smart locks.
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